Friday, June 21, 2024

The Kingdom Ministries, Inc.

History of The Kingdom Ministries, Inc.

The Kingdom Ministries, Inc. was formed in 1996 to provide help and assistance to families that were hurting and/or suffering from life’s issues. This organization was founded upon biblical principles in order to build a solid foundation in the community.

The Kingdom Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit counseling and teaching ministry dedicated to empowering people to reach maximum potential in their personal lives.  Our services include counseling in the following areas: depression, anxiety, anger management, co-dependency, pre-marital, loss & grief, alcohol/drug dependency, gambling and debt management.  The purpose of the Kingdom Ministries Christian Counseling activities is to provide a healing and holistic service to families , to couples, to individuals and to groups; thus enabling people to have fulfilled lives unencumbered by habits and attitudes that are destructive to the family and to the individual.

The Kingdom Ministries, Inc. Counseling and Teaching Center, provides hope and encouragement for hurting families. Whether an individual, couple or family is facing separation or divorce, addiction, fighting depression, overwhelmed by excessive debt or struggling with anger management we can help.

In 2005, the ministry was approved by the United States Department of Justice as a certified credit counseling and debtor education agency.*

The Kingdom Ministries, Inc. is currently experiencing an exciting ransformation.  We are actively seeking to form partnerships with individuals and faith based groups and organizations to broaden our scope and to strengthen our services.

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