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Blessed and Deceive

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Blessed and wondering how long, Have you asked yourself this question and was the answer what you expected? Your blessing comes in so many forms and and ways that you can miss it. We often at times miss forget the Beatitude, which was what Jesus taught them.  How many of us can say we are not deceived […]


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Abuse comes in so many forms and way’s and it’s not all ways physical as you have been mislead to believe. Emotional abuse can cause you lasting health issues and the scares are not shown but felt deep inside. You must take a stand in your beliefs and what you stand far. Abuse is dangerous, because it kills the soul […]

God Loves You!

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God loves you just as you are and you are God’s chosen angel . Today your life at times may seem mean less to you, but with God’s grace you are highly favored and blessed. When you here the song God has smiled on you and He has set you free, today believe in yourself and live […]